Q. I’ve never seen a product like ExamEDGE™ before. Is it different from other energy-enhancing supplements?

A. Absolutely! What makes ExamEDGE™ unique is that it’s specifically tailored to college and university students who want an extra “edge” while studying. Other products on the market can help boost energy in different environments, but only ExamEDGE™ is focused on your academic success.

Q. Is ExamEDGE™ just for studying, or can I also use it when I’m working on tough assignments?

A. ExamEDGE™ is great for both! Anytime you need to improve your mental clarity and focus – whether that be while doing homework, studying or test taking – ExamEDGE™ can help.

Q. How and when should I take ExamEDGE™?

A. On days when you’re working on an assignment or studying for a test or exam, take one capsule. Take two capsules 30 minutes prior to a midterm or final exam. Do not exceed three capsules per day.

Q. What sizes does ExamEDGE™ come in?

A. You can purchase ExamEDGE™ in either a 10-capsule or 30-capsule size. If you try it and love the product (which we’re sure you will), you’ll find greater value in purchasing the larger size.

Q. Where is ExamEDGE™ developed?

A. ExamEDGE™ is proudly made in Canada by a manufacturer that follows strict GMP standards and routinely monitored by a third party audit agency. This agency is a governing body that ensures products are safe, effective and created to the highest standards.

Q. Is ExamEDGE™ just for students?

A. ExamEDGE™ is for any adult looking to help improve their mental performance, memory and manage their stress symptoms. The working adults where mental performance and stress management are crucial (eg. a presentation, job interview, completing deadline approaching projects, etc.) will find ExamEDGE™  particularly beneficial!

Q. I’ve been telling a lot of my friends about ExamEDGE™. Do you have any kind of referral program?

A. Thanks for helping us spread the word about ExamEDGE™! We do have a program in place that gives students commission for every unit they sell. Please contact us to learn more.

Q. What company makes ExamEDGE™?

A. ExamEDGE™ is brought to you by inMIND NutraScience Inc., a company that focuses on all-natural health and wellness products. Look for more great products from inMIND NutraScience in the months to come!